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Making the lives of students better

25 September, 2022

Thakshila College, one of Gampaha district’s oldest schools, was widely discussed during the 2021 ordinary level examinations as a picture of students sitting for the exam in a damaged building during heavy rains was circulated. The public, including mainstream media institutions, brought the school’s plight to light.

Rhino Roofing Products Limited that recognised the needs of the children at the school, decided to make a difference in these growing lives despite the country’s situation.

The school, which opened on June 12, 1992, with sixty students has grown to 2,250 students studying in the Sinhala and English mediums. However, the school has recently faced issues that have impacted students during one of their most important life turning points, the Ordinary Level Examination.

Managing Director of Rhino Roofing Products Limited, E. J. Gnanam at the inauguration ceremony said: “I am convinced that the country’s children and youth are at the forefront of change, and that we, as responsible corporates and adults in society, must help them grow into good leaders.

A school is a foundation in every child’s life, and we wanted to give the children at Thakshila College, Gampaha the same opportunity because education is an equal opportunity.