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Livestock sector in dire straits

Human nutrition level to drop drastically -Veterinary Surgeons’ Association

7 August, 2022

An acute shortage of milk, eggs and dairy products vital for human nutrition will be inevitable within the next six months if the current power, transportation and forex shortage is not addressed immediately, the State Veterinary Surgeons Association stated.

Officials said repeated appeals to the authorities to take speedy measures to solve the power and foreign exchange crisis and avert a major crisis in the livestock industry had fallen on deaf ears.

“We have been telling the authorities umpteen times of the dire consequences of the current affairs in the country on the livestock sector but to no avail,” Secretary to the State Veterinary Surgeons Association, Nuwan Hewagamage said.

The Association officials warned of adverse repercussions on child nutrition levels which could drop drastically if malnutrition of animal due to scarcity of feed hits the industry.

The livestock industry comprising the dairy and poultry sector have been badly hit by the shortage of feed due to the shortage of dollars that had forced the authorities to restrict imports.

“Our Association has been observing the developments in the country and its impact on the livestock sector and have been briefing the authorities on the need to protect the industry which would if not collapse in the near future, Hewagamage said.

The veterinary association has been requesting for subsidies to support the livestock sector but has so far has not received a positive response to the appeal due to the government facing financial constraints, the Association noted.

There are shortages of maize, rice polish and soyabean, which account for a major part of the nutrition of animals have been in short supply since end last year.

The SVSA was founded on 1989 and since then it has evolved as a potent force, with a membership exceeding 750 and a network comprised of more than 10 branch unions. The SVSA has acted as a watchdog to prevent irregularities in appointments, transfers and the awarding of scholarships for further training, by the Administration. The SVSA has also played a mediatory role in developing livestock sector in Sri Lanka. Discussed between the authorities and the Association on increasing milk production and the many practical issues to boost dairy production has not borne fruit yet, an official of the association said.

He said it has been revealed here that two liters of liquid milk is currently obtained from one milk cow. We discussed the plan to increase that to 5 litres. The Association said Sri Lanka has reached self sufficiency in poultry meat and eggs and the excess production is exported bridging in the much needed forex to the country.