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Stay true to yourself

26 June, 2022
Even so, at the end of the day who will love us? Only we will love ourselves the way we want to be loved. And people doing this to themselves will possibly create a positive atmosphere on earth


Truth is a mysterious object that has surrounded the earth for a long time. It sometimes favours the subject but not always, there are times when the truth deceives its owner.

Simple to say that sometimes truth hurts. Each human being has their own story to continue living throughout. If we look at the collection of these stories, you may find romances, fairy tales, comedies, tragic, or maybe a whole new set of genres. This is because each person has a different base that is quite unique to themselves.

Not every person links truth with themselves, maybe because of this we find a huge ascendancy of coping trends, rather than depending on their self abilities or talents. Funny isn’t it? As has been said God has made humans to be unlike any other, even though we try hard to fit into molds made by the suffocating society.

Truth is indeed a rescue for this case, truth can disclose only the right, it’s nothing dangerous only the fact that it is insanely bitter for some to handle. Truth is a weapon because it wins in the end for sure.

To be unique, one must be true to himself or herself which in order creates the potential to find themselves within. Truth winning in the end means that if we are true to ourselves, the victory is definitely in our hands to be measured. But this realization takes a long time, indeed a duration that needs a lot of failures as well as mistakes. Take a quick dive into the childhood of our lives.

Blue and pink

When we were in the early stages of school, when the teacher asked the colour of our preference half would say blue and the other half, pink. The girls will choose pink, whereas the boys will altogether like blue. You shall think, “Well, they are kids. They like those colours just because they like them.” Exactly, they are kids that have been only shown pink or blue from birth.

Due to this they think that these colours are perfect.

Isn’t this where it all started, the spoiling of innocent minds just to be fitting in the standards so that society will not clamp them down. Yet aren’t we all well aware that they too have choices, blocking their opinions only creates a robot that works into the format given.

In these spaces we can see some children who choose other colours like green, orange or purple. These students are barely mentioned in activities reasoning that the majority is either blue or pink. Sometimes, a possibility of being bullied can occur too, all as a result of not thinking twice.

Another mistake

Here again we see another mistake, the gender clashes. If it’s a girl the probability of her choosing blue will be less than a blue moon’s rise. It’s vice versa for the boys. Imagine there was a girl in the class who liked blue, of course she would be labelled a boy from that very day.

I feel that the world facing such a crisis is undoubtedly due to our own mistakes, by not nurturing the subject with correct views rather than teaching them the prejudices.

When we see a cleaner who picks up dirt on roads don’t we all end up thinking “Oh dear, look at him, having to suffer just because he didn’t study”. I mean yeah maybe he hasn’t studied but still achieves a target by keeping the roads neat and clean for us. Who knows, that he must have been true to himself by making that his dream job.

Society only knows how to point fingers on the ones, who succeed using their unique abilities. However, seeing the past few years, a sense of acknowledgement has grown wide too. It seems as if the people are finally getting into the demand that when one is true to their personality, it’s easy to determine success in a self confident way.


They say to love your partner more than you know what love is. They ask you to love the ones around as much as you can. Then they want you to love your enemies just because they also deserve the love of yours.

Even so, at the end of the day who will love us? Only we will love ourselves the way we want to be loved. And people doing this to themselves will possibly create a positive atmosphere on earth.

These days in job interviews many candidates look similar, their curriculum vitae look nothing but copied. Did they sit together to write it? Well, no that is how much repeated this is.

Repeated that no one looks forward anymore. The world requires a challenging change, not at one but slowly…to be happy it’s gradually happening.

Today, we see people accepting gender, colour and classes as one. This is important, so it won’t spread hatred unnecessarily.

Nothing matters in the end

In my opinion, nothing matters in the end let it be Black or White, Asian or European, Female or Male, we all are humans fighting for life on this planet. We are the children of mother Earth, fighting each other will only bring in more chaos and blood to the beauty of our mother.

Being distinctive helps a lot to understand that the world does have unpredictable sides. Creativity of this life is unlimited, though we plant a limit for ourselves because of what others say…all of us must open our eyes to fill in the scenery clearly pictured.

If God created us with hopes of unlike talents, it’s time to praise the words in order following the instructions to love self.

As humans needing excuses to rescue us, we lie a lot to the outer world in order to peacefully maintain a life or so as we depend on to think. It’s a must to come out of the trap of this clutching society. Lying to myself will be a very bad thing no matter what, because you can lie to anyone but not yourself.

“Once upon a time”

Every single human has a peculiar novel…to grab the readers it’s time to be the one you like to be read, not the one that becomes Jane Austen half way through.

If you are writing a fairy tale, try the beginning without “Once Upon a Time” and a realistic ending without “And they lived happily ever after”.

When the surroundings crumple you don’t go to your knees, learn to get up using self power. Don’t just stay there to be bullied by them. Let them be, if one step is back take two steps forward.

Maybe you will fail, but make sure that you love it. Do that with compassion which abides the law of passion.

Make it a game that marks a victory, not a losing game. Love yourself truly because it’s always only your shadow to stand behind when you fall. Truth always wins at the end so be true to yourself as it should be.

To be beautiful, don’t make stands, just make sure that beautiful is what it is to be YOU. It won’t need to be accepted by anyone, the only one needed is by Yourself.

Learn that you too have four seasons that show different colors. Evidence of them in this short period of life. Get to know what you are, who you are to face the world easily. Remember “If you are true to yourself, you may not have friends in the world but you will be more at peace with yourself- and that’s a very strong and secure place to be”