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President Xi Jinping stands tall on the right side of Sri Lanka’s history

26 June, 2022

On June 14, 2022 (Full Moon Poya Day) Sri Lankan Buddhists celebrated the arrival of Arahath Mahinda (son of Emperor Asoka) to establish the Buddhist system of governance.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping celebrated his 69th birthday on June 15. (ref. Chinese sources). This short note is written to appreciate his contributions.

Buddhist rulers were expected and trained to govern based on the “Dasa Raja Dharma” (ten qualities of good governance). Such rulers were expected to non greedy, morally good, honest, altruist, gentle, self-controlled, kind, non violent, forbearing and upright.

Indian Ocean

From time memorial Sri Lanka was an island of approx 65,610 SQKM located at the centre of the Indian Ocean earlier known as the Lakdiva Sea. Thus it attracted many international figures according to historical records which includes; the Buddha, Chinese Admiral Zheng He (friend of Ven. Veedagama Maha Maithreeya thera) and the Western colonisers since 1505.

Although sea erosion (made the island smaller) it has been recorded in history (from Kelani Tissa era.), there is no mention about any attempts to add land mass to expand the island throughout history.

After Sri Lankans ended killing each other trying to divide the existing land mass in 2009, China in an unprecedented move came forward to expand Sri Lanka’s land mass by constructing the Colombo Port City.

President Xi, one of the most powerful men to set foot in Sri Lanka arrived to initiate the project in 2014.

The Chinese FDI worth over one billion US$ came at a time Sri Lanka was struggling to attract investors to rebuild the terrorist battle ravaged island.

2014 will be written in Sri Lanka’s history as the year which the small island started expanding geographically.

Therefore, President Xi Jinping shall be remembered for thousands of years by grateful Sri Lankans as the only world leader who helped them to expand their island nation. Emperor Asoka’s gift (Buddhist system of governance) is still used as a tool to prevent conflicts especially at the lowest levels of the Sri Lankan social pyramid while President Xi’s gift will be of immense value to prevent conflicts in the coming centuries.

Employment generation ensuring increased quality of life for the masses would accelerate economic development alleviating poverty preventing internal conflicts.

The Emperor of the 21st century

Often referred to as the Emperor of the 21st century by Western media, Xi Jinping was born on June 15, 1953. His father Xi Zhongxun was a former Deputy Prime Minister and a founder member of the Communist Party (CPC). China’s paramount leader and visionary Deng Xiaoping referred to young Xi as the “Red Prince”.

President Xi was elected the General Secretary of the CPC, Chair of the Military Commission and President of the People’s Republic in 2013 thus becoming the leader of approx one fifth of the world’s population, commander of the world’s largest army and the world’s largest US Dollar reserve.

He sphere headed China’s march to be a global superpower. In 2020, China reached its first centenary goal by alleviating absolute poverty by raising more than 100 million people above the poverty line within seven years, Chinese Taikonauts (astronauts) reached the Moon and planet Mars and China introduced the “One Belt One Road” (Belt and Road Initiative – BRI) reawakening the ancient maritime Silk Road with expanded networks through air, space, under water and on land positioning China as a super power.


The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which is expected to replace world’s leading lending organisations was also launched during his administration.

He has always promoted multilateralism and a multi polar world where everyone belongs to everyone and everyone is a witness, pioneer and builder of the new era where everyone is a winner.

In more recent times, China’s stand has always been peace in Ukraine. When President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin had a conversation recently, USA saw it as Xi Jinping standing on the wrong side of history.

Peace-loving Sri Lankans however, should stand together to utilise the gifts and opportunities that come with the BRI to prevent conflicts and raise quality of life among Sri Lankans. President Xi Jinping would always stand tall when Sri Lanka’s history is written in the centuries to come on par with the Great Emperors Asoka and Ming.

He who is sure of his victory will not start a war – Chinese Proverb.