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Get ready for middle age!

28 March, 2022

At eighteen our convictions are hills from which we look; at forty-five they are caves in which we hide. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Whenever I step out of my humble abode, I see youths revelling in their lives carrying smartphones and riding flashy motorcycles. Youth is an absolutely a great time in life – probably the greatest – which you want to postpone as long as you can. Young people are full of energy and they have all types of ambitions. They see the bright side of life and are quite unaware of social, economic and family problems.

However, the unpalatable truth is that nobody can remain a youth forever. That truism pushes all young men and women to get ready for middle age as some people call it riper years.

The young should not get scared of the approaching middle age beginning from 45 and lasting till 65. For most men and women, middle age is interesting and exciting. You should not take it as the twilight of life. You might call it the cocktail hour or high tea, if you prefer. We approach middle age through different routes. The speed of our journey is solely decided by our genes. That is why some people who approach middle age still look young.

For most people middle age is the best time for career and social advancement. Young people hardly get any promotions in their workplaces, but middle-aged workers are usually promoted to higher positions. This is mainly because of their long years of experience and maturity.

However, young people thrive in sports, but they give up such pursuits in their middle age. Even cricketers say goodbye to cricket when they approach their middle age. For politicians, lawyers and other scholars, middle age is the best of times to bloom in their professions.

Physical ailments

Like any age, middle age too has advantages and disadvantages. The main problem in middle age is that you are prone to many physical ailments such as high blood pressure. However, if you follow strict health guidelines, any middle-aged person can stay healthy although he may not be bouncy like a young person.

There is nothing you can do about growing old. Those who enter middle age generally feel better than some youths because they do not let themselves in for hangovers, long distance trips, and late night shows. They know their limits and act accordingly.

According to popular belief, all your chickens – past sins and indiscretions – come home to roost. Young people commit many sins and indiscretions without thinking about their actions deeply. Due to their immaturity, young people do not see what will happen in the future.

Some of those who reach middle age complain of loss of hearing or sight. With proper medical care some of these problems can be solved. However, if you think that you are slipping down a precipice, you are bound to face many problems. Therefore when you are young you should learn the art of facing problems and solving them.

Loss of memory

Unless you maintain your body properly through good habits, you are bound to have wrinkles on your face and lose your memory every now and then. Some middle-aged people cannot remember the names of their friends. However, there are psychological help available for such problems.

It is no wonder that you can get a little frantic with so many things going on all at once. It is like watching your house disappearing in a devastating landslide while you wait helplessly and hysterically. When you reach middle age you will realize that nothing is permanent in this world. Even the Permanent Secretaries have gone with the wind. When you face a disaster, remain stoical in your attitude. Take things as they are and do not be unnecessarily moved by natural events.

Middle age is full of pluses. One great advantage is that now you are in charge of your life. When you were young, your parents and teachers were in charge of your life. You had no say when they took decisions on behalf of you. For the first time in life now you are neither an acting parent nor an acted-upon child. It is invigorating to be simply an autonomous, free person setting your own alarm clock, table, goals, standards and patterns.

Mental baggage

On looking back you will realize how foolishly you had behaved on certain occasions. Now you are mature enough to make wise decisions. What is more, you become aware of your moods and you have learned how to react less strenuously to the moods of others.

Only a middle-aged person can throw away some of the mental baggage he has been carrying. Now you cannot even remember the names of your rivals who petitioned against you when you were promoted purely on merit. This is not due to absentmindedness that comes with middle age. Health-wise it is good to forget unfavourable incidents simply because they have no intrinsic value in them.

One of the most relaxing thoughts in middle age is that your past problems are not worth worrying about because they have been replaced often by more interesting ones. Sometimes problems are self-created. Take for instance Amanda who worries about her curly hair. She always wanted to have straight hair. Sue worries about her straight hair as she always wanted to have curly hair. If you think of them critically, you realize that they have no major problem.

Unlike young people, middle-aged people are honest in their dealings. A middle-aged person will not promise to marry a woman if he is already married. However, a young man will never reveal his true status when he falls in love with a pretty girl. A middle-aged man once confessed that he did not know how to use a smartphone. If he does not care about smartphones, he has no problem.

Priceless opportunity

Another great advantage is that when you reach middle age you can choose your own books, friends or places to visit. You have a priceless opportunity to evolve a self that can be lived with. With all the advantages and disadvantages of middle age, you must be aware of the midlife crisis.

Fear of ageing, not knowing where you are going in an organization, a change in the values and the meaning of occupational and interpersonal relationships can be extraordinarily frightening. Midlife crisis can affect anyone and periods of depression are its most common symptoms. Sometimes you reach a point where your life is never the same again.

Sometimes people do rash things such as divorcing a spouse or changing their jobs. More than women, men are particularly susceptible to heart attacks. For women, the menopause can produce dramatic changes in life.

As your thoughts determine your behaviour, you should avoid negative thinking as far as possible. According to Dr Martin Seligman, a feeling of hopelessness leads to helpless behaviour and even chronic depression. People who are optimistic and more positive in their outlook can protect their bodies and minds from harm and live longer. [email protected]