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Eight common myths about CATS busted

13 March, 2022

They are judged as cold, selfish and super independent in a negative way. But did you know that most of the facts you believe in about cats are a myth? Whether you hate them or love them, get your facts right. Better know these 8 common myths about cats and what the reality is.

A cat purrs when it is happy

We have all seen it on TV, in cartoons, that whenever a cat is cuddled, it purrs out of happiness. However, this is a myth that has been circulating for quite some time. Cats purr even when they are nervous, sick, in pain or are close to death. Their body language must be noted when they are purring and accordingly taken to the vet.

Cats hate water

It is like dogs and well, even humans. Not everyone hates water, some of us and our pets love water! Many are fascinated with water and they love playing with it. It is all about the choice.

They can very well be trained and you can see that on Instagram or any other social media where people put up pet posts.

Instead of performing tricks, try instilling good habits in them. Be patient instead of holding a stock because this is not a circus. You will get the hang of it when you start training one.

Cats always land on their feet

It is not always true. They may or may not. They do try to correct their posture instinctively so that they land properly but they do fail at times. An interesting fact here is that they are way safer when they fall from great height. The fall gives their inner ear a chance to balance and correct the orientation. They automatically twist their spine and brace for impact. They have more time to do so unlike in a situation when they have a shorter fall. We are nowhere suggesting that you try to push one off the terrace!

Cats do not need exercise

This myth has led to a huge percentage of obese cats today. They are hunters and climbers and they do need exercise. Like for us humans and dogs, exercise is important for our physical health as well as mental health. Cats must have space for doing so. Install some attachments on the wall so that they can jump around and climb.

Avoid cats if you are pregnant

It is just the litter box that should be handled by someone else, rest is okay. Pregnant women are at risk of contracting Toxoplasmosis when they are handling cat feces or litter. You could also wear rubber gloves and a face mask to clean it if you have to. Snuggling with your cat is absolutely fine.

Cats drink only milk

Just like human and dog babies, cats drink milk when they are young and they have to be fed to grow up. They too can become lactose intolerant and then have diarrhoea or nausea. Make milk an occasional treat and watch for the reaction. Stick to water if you can.

Cats have nine lives

No, sadly this is just not true. Cats have only one life. So give them a healthy life, take care of them, nurture them like your own child and keep the vet visits regular for this one life that they have. -Times of India