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Be the voice for the voiceless – Michelle Dilhara

6 February, 2022

Her beauty, poise, grace and screen-appearance are always on point. Her appearance at all her events is undoubtedly stunning. Her untainted smile on her face is winsome. Being a multi-skilled artiste she had marked an indelible milestone in her career as an actress. She is none other than the versatile award winning actress Michelle Dilhara. Born on May 1,1996 , she had her education at the Negombo South International School and got involved in her social activities at the age of 15. At present, the longest journey she has embarked on is a remarkable landmark even in our teledrama industry.


Needless to say, our country has been plagued with Covid-19. Our youth can be seen leaving our country in search of greener pastures. In such a backdrop, young versatile actress Michelle Dilhara has dedicated her life to make our country a greener pasture.

To my question about her bona- fide projects, she replied thus, “Due to the prevailing Covid-19 in our country, many elder’s house, children’s house and low income families have been financially affected.

Therefore, with a percentage of my personal income I was able to distribute a ton of rice to more than 200 needy families who were financially affected.

Food items were distributed to the Dalupotha Sri Dharmarathanarama Temple under the guidance of Ven. Kalpe Dharmaloka Thera.”

In addition, she has initiated another giant project on behalf of those affected by the Coronavirus.

“I organised a project with the students of the Hanthana Conservation Society of Peradeniya University to distribute dry food items to elder’s houses.”

Michelle though very young is concerned of social problems. Already she has conducted more than 200 seminars to create an awareness on social invisibility, positive thinking, personality development, climate change, global warming and climate literacy in collaboration with school students, Youth Clubs and national universities such as Rajarata University, Sabaragamuwa University, Moratuwa University, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Colombo University, Sri Jayewardenepura University, Jaffna University Interact Club of Whycherly International School and some Youth Clubs.

Nenasarin Senehasin 21

As a result of the Covid-19, students had to continue their studies online by using Tabs and mobile phones. But we know that those who hail from law income families cannot afford to get devices such as Tabs. Never did Michelle turn a blind eye to innocent children’s tears. The marketing Management Association of Jayewardenepura University has carried out a mammoth project called Nenasarin Senehasin.

Michelle made her contribution to the project with the pure intention of giving a ray of hope for the schooling children.

“I joined hands with the Nenasarin Senehasin 21” project organised by the Marketing Management Association of the Management Faculty of Sri Jayewardenepura university  and distributed 10 Tabs for needy students,” said Michelle.


Some organisations carry out development projects at the expense of our environment. Indeed, even the term ‘ Development Project’ has become a curse to our nature. Michelle who loves nature has started several Tree planting programs with Uva Wellassa University and Sri Jayewardenepura University. Not only did she encourage those university students for an eco friendly future but also plant trees in both university premises.

“I collaborated with Uva Wellassa University and organised a Tree Planting program in the university premises along with an awareness program in order to encourage the university students to fight towards climate change and global warming. And also, I organised a tree planting program with Sri Jayewardenepura University where we were able to plant six types of various trees in the university premises,” she said.

Earth Day Network Ambassador

Michelle has marked another significant milestone in her journey by becoming the “Earth Day Network Ambassador.” Evidently, she has set out on a unique path to create an eco-friendly country. To my question about her achievement, she said, “Back In 2020, I was appointed as the Earth Day Network Ambassador to Sri Lanka by the Earthday Organisation. My role as the EDN Ambassador is to diversify, educate and create awareness on climate literacy for young children. The Earthday is the world’s largest recruiter to the environmental movement which works with more than 150,000 partners in over 192 countries to drive a positive action for our planet.”

Social invisibility

Of course, Michelle belongs to the calibre of multifaceted artistes. The new publication titled “Social Invisibility is not a Fiction it Exists” was penned by Michelle. It is significant to mention that she had won the National Youth Icon Award for her new publication and theory (“Theory of Alternative Social Cogwheel” in New Delhi, India. Michelle has paved the way for children to overcome language barriers through her projects.

“As the first phase of the book, I started a project and provided students with more than 500 free scholarships so that they can learn the English Language,” she said. It is clear that most people heartlessly leave the retired senior citizens in the lurch, when they undergo economic difficulties. Michelle has become a relief provider for those abandoned people in the country.

“As the second phase of the book I opened an Elderly Community Centre in Divulapitiya called Senehas Arana for retired senior citizens. In addition, she has spearheaded several projects , ensuring the wellbeing of children’s houses and elder’s houses.

“During this prevailing pandemic, children’s houses and elder’s houses face difficulties to receive donations. Therefore, I together with university students and youth clubs conducted awareness programs on social invisibility and the solutions that we can use to minimise social invisibility in the society. As a solution to this issue and implementation of my book, I was able to distribute goods for more than 30 areas across country.” She stressed in a happy tone.

Podu Season 2

Michelle Dilhara as a social activist has distinguished herself in the country. As a multi-faceted diamond , she has made a crystal clear mark in our teledrama industry. Podu Season- 2 directed by Sharmila Dharmarasa Fonseka and scripted by Dammika wijewickrama is being telecast these days. It is Michelle who portrays the character of “Dushee.”

Speaking of the plot, the Podu Season 2 can create a positive impact on our sociaty. Michelle said, “Podu season- 01 had a great impact on the society with a different story line. “Podu Season 2” was launched on January 29 at a red carpet event, starting a new chapter.

The teledrama cast many artistes such as Kalana Gunasekara, Randika Gunathilaka, Lahuruni Salwathura and Aishwarya S Varman. In fact “Podu Season 2” like most teledramas represents the society.

The story talks about the gap between the rich and the poor which is so wide that people on either side can’t fathom the scale of that spectrum. The story discusses social topics like unemployment, highlighting those who are struggling rather than being well educated.

The teledrama also seems to be like a story of two friends who are torn apart as they love the same person.” Now, you would be curious to know her character Dushee. To my question about the character of ‘Dushee’, she began to share her ideas with us.

“I am portraying the character ‘ Dushee’ in Podu Season 2. Compared to the other characters that I have portrayed so far, Dushee is a much more different character.

It had several character variations and changes. She is the daughter of a corrupt politician named Mahasen Gunarathna. She is an independent girl who fights for what she believes to change the thoughts of the society. Throughout her journey she experiences various obstacles that reform her character with its influence.

“Going down memory lane, Michelle awakened her memories about the director of the tele creation. Neither did she forget to express her thank to the director, Sharmila for casting her. “First I would like to thank Sharmila for casting me in “ Podu season 2.” She invited me to portray the character Dushee in podu season 2.

After reading the script I was very happy to be a part of podu because it was a totally different character compared to what I have portrayed so far. Meanwhile I should also remember Gayathri heenatigala, the casting director who coordinated me and ensured the success of the teledrama. Importantly, Sharmila Dharmarasa is one of the most promising directors in Sri Lanka, and she is the first female director I have worked with.

Apart from that, she always treated everyone on the set professionally with utmost respect. It was very easy to work with her because she was very flexible all the time. She was also very considerate when it came to the safety of the crew due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic.”

Speaking of Michelle’s performances, we can say that she follows the method-acting. As noted by Michelle, she develops a fictional background around the character and studies the personality of the given character. An actor should experience the reality of the character.

In 2020, she won the Best Upcoming Actress award at both the Sumathi Award ceremony and the Raigam Telee’s Award ceremony for the character ‘Ayoma’ in Sudu Andagena Kalu Awidin teledrama. In 2021, she won the State Award at the 15th Television State Award festival.

Future plans

We know that Michelle has a bright future in her acting journey. To my questions about her future plans, she said, “I am currently working on my second book titled. The Point of no Return” which is about the Net Zero, Climate Change and Global warming. As we know, we exist in an era where air pollution poses a threat to over 7 million people each year throughout the world.

The warmest years in the past 140 years have been 2015 through 2020 and between 1880 and 2015; the average worldwide sea level has risen by 8.9 inches, which is substantially quicker than the previous 2700 years.

The largest concern yet is global atmospheric temperature which has risen by approximately 1.5 degrees Celsius in the last 100 years. The global atmospheric temperature should be maintained below 2 degrees Celsius.

As the Earth Day Network Ambassador to Sri Lanka, I have nearly conducted more than 200 seminars in collaboration with National Universities in the country in this regard. Recently, I was invited by the Korean Embassy in Sri Lanka, Ambassador Santhush Woonjin JEONG for an initiative for Net Zero in the premises of the Korean Embassy. “ Michelle Dilhara who has come under the spotlight as an award winning actress will re-build our country, making history.