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Insee Cement spearheads innovation in construction sector

9 January, 2022

Insee Cement is powering the local construction industry’s steady recovery with a portfolio of value- added services, offering performance-based design solutions, technical capabilities and industry expertise to contractors and construction companies.

“Our foresight enabled us to focus on developing highly innovative and sustainable-performing construction solutions that create value for stakeholders who invest in our cements and concrete solutions portfolio,” Head of Products and Solutions Portfolio at Insee Cement, Dr. Moussa Baalbaki, said.

“Now, as we recover as an industry, we must focus on existing capabilities and capacities that can expedite the recovery process. Insee Cement is happy to invite our industry stakeholders to leverage our expertise and collaborate to gain the momentum and confidence our industry lost during the pandemic,” he said.

Insee Cement established the Insee i2i Innovation to Industry Collaboration Space as a dedicated state-of-the-art centre to engage industry stakeholders in collaboration. The centre focuses on creating shared value and collaboratively developing innovative and efficient sustainable construction solutions.

Located in Peliyagoda, the i2i Collaboration Space is a knowledge exchange hub and idea incubator for engineers, researchers, innovators, architects, construction companies, contractors and also competitors looking to collaborate on industry transforming construction solutions.

Equipped with over 50 testing and measurement tools including 15 tests that are new to the Sri Lankan construction sector.

When it comes to optimising concrete mixes, Insee i2i offers comprehensive solutions using simulations, advanced technologies, testing equipment and expertise to evaluate numerous parameters for concrete mix designs.

The Space offers pre-project mix design evaluations during planning stages, consulting site engineers, architects and contractors to develop the mix design that will best meet their construction needs.

Insee’s i2i consultants also offer recommendations for improvements of on-going constructions, based on modelling, testing and result evaluations, achieving the perfect balance between performance and cost-optimisation.