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Resolutions for the New Year

2 January, 2022

The radiant glow of the freshness of the New Year is at your doorstep. Despite the uncertainties across the world, a lot of people are rather keen on achieving the best out of their plans for the New Year.

Meanwhile, if you closely look at a recent study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, you find that only 46% of people who made their New Year resolutions have been able to reach their targets, while well over a half of the people who set a goal for the new year generally failing in their attempt of reaching the set target.

Meanwhile, the study dealt with the non-resolvers as well. The study declared that only 4% of the non-resolvers were successful in achieving their goals which can be considered as a far bleaker result than those who did have a resolution. In the year 2022, you naturally need to be in the camp of folks that achieve their aspirations and dreams. In that light, you should put together a bit of an exhaustive plan for your New Year resolution.

Accept change

Most interestingly, you should be mentally prepared to accept change. It is well known that changing ingrained habits are not supposed to be easy tasks. Therefore, before you drive your head first into your New Year goals, it is of significance to take a step back and be prepared for any impending changes which you would be required to take up with.

Taking a personal inventory is the initial breakthrough that you are required to do with regard to change. As new-year dawns, it is the perfect time to take stock of the accomplishments of the past year. It is also a point where you may ask yourself about what you set out to do in the past year, as to where you had made progress as well as where you did not notice a progress in your life.

It is quite natural to see that a lot of people are focusing their resolution on the areas where the progress was not satisfactory. But, you should not forget to savor the progress that you made and find at least some minor ways to celebrate them and the happy feelings of such accomplishments would give you a lot of motivation. If you can, you may associate them either with a word or an object related to your accompaniments. Being optimistic gives you the kind of strength as your feelings are challenged.

It is not advisable to make big changes over night. The changes that you make should be gradual. Initially try to build on small changes, while allowing little room even for errors. The goal that you set should give you a sense of motivation. Albeit, it is good to speak to your parents, spouse or peers in setting your goals, it may have some disadvantages if you are heavily influenced or dictated by your kith and kin. You need to make sure that the goal that you set really matters to you and it can have a positive impact on you. It is of importance if your resolutions align with your goals, priorities, dreams and aspirations.

Innermost desires

Not only should you align around your innermost desires, but you should also make sure that the resolutions that you make are aligned with your top most priorities as well. If your goals are career centric, for instance, improving your writing skills, making your own professional development plan is a good way to keep motivated during the run up to achieving your goal. Meanwhile, you should avoid a common mistake of making too many resolutions that would give you a lot of stress.

You may need to learn some twenty languages, add twenty new job skills and wipe out twenty bad habits. But, you should know that we all are not superheroes. Therefore having too many resolutions may avoid you even achieving your easy targets which are very much within your reach. Hence, it is better to have a short list of resolutions which you are capable of managing easily during the new-year. Knowing the list of priorities can be a hard part in this list of resolutions.

You have to figure out what is most important in your life. You need to be specific with your resolutions. Articulate your resolution as clearly as possible. Quantify your resolution, choose a goal within the realm of possibility, but yet challenging. Keep your resolution relevant to your goals and priorities. Set a time frame for your resolution during which you expect to reach your goal.

A deadline may instill urgency and give you a time at which you can celebrate your success. Make sure that you break up your big goals into smaller ones. It is quite natural that a lot of people become rather optimistic and more eager and grandiose as it comes with resolutions. Therefore, it would be helpful to divide a bigger goal into a smaller one that is more achievable.

You need to chunk up a huge feat of goals into smaller more management accomplishments. Also, you can easily chop up your year-long resolution into weekly or monthly goals and consider having your expected tasks planned for each month. In that way, as you break your tactical plan to discrete steps, now you can enjoy having a pretty good chance of world domination towards the latter part of the year.