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Icon for unity in diversity

3 October, 2021

Mohamed Faris Aisha Amina who studies at Wellawaya Malwattawala National College distinguished herself by obtaining nine "A" passes in all nine subjects including Buddhism and Sinhala at the G.C.E Ordinary Level examination in 2020.

She has made her Alma Mater proud. Aisha Amina who has come under the spotlight has learned Sinhala and Buddhism even from grade one.

"I learned Buddhism from Ven. Jinaratana Thera. I could learn Buddhism because of the interesting teaching method. I have faith in the meanings of Buddhist verses. Many characters which appear in Jathaka stories are found to be close to our lives," she said.


She had studied Buddhism with an untainted faith in the philosophy. She passed her O/Ls with flying colours mainly because of her great enthusiasm. If regarded from another perspective, we can learn many lessons from Aisha Amina.

Needless to say that many politicians drunk with racism and extremism, with the intention of making a mint of money, are creating ethnic issues among Sri Lankans. As a result, many ethnic conflicts have arisen in the country.

In such a context, Ameena's words are more like music to our ears. "We all should have a respect for our religion and language. We can get an awareness of others' religions and languages by learning them. Only then, we can live a better life with harmony in the country. It is the most important thing," Amina said.

Giant pillars behind her achievements can't be forgotten at all. Amina's father runs a bicycle repair shop in Wellawaya. Her mother is a housewife. Remembering her parents and teachers, she said, "I have to thank my parents for creating a peaceful atmosphere for me to continue my studies freely. My class teacher is Supun Sir.

"I learned Sinhala from Supun Sir. Manjula Sir is our sectional head,” she said.

Elegant handwriting

Only a few people can steal anyone's eyes with handwriting. Amina has also participated in inter school writing competitions. She has learned Sinhala from her school teachers.

"I did not go to tuition classes to learn Sinhala because school teachers covered everything. Sinhala is another language. I love to learn Sinhala literature which is really rich," she said.

Her goal

True that everyone should have a goal. When asked about her future goals, she said, "I always prioritise my future goals. My ambition is to become an engineer. I intend to do my A/L's in the Maths stream," she said.