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Dewmi - who defeated her fate

3 October, 2021
Dewmi Ransara Kulatunga
Dewmi Ransara Kulatunga

None but our negative attitudes can make us disabled. Dewmi Ransara Kulatunga born with an extraordinary willpower and unwavering faith, has obtained nine A's at the G.C.E Ordinary Level examination, making her parents and school proud.

She rose to this challenge by challenging the cruelty of her fate. Undoubtedly, she is the example of an ideal student to anyone. Dewmi who lives in Matara-Dickwella is studying at Bambaranda Saddharmaraja Maha Vidyalaya, Matara. Though she was born with a neurological disorder as if through an error of destiny, she achieved her goal by defeating her cruel fate. Perhaps you might know that she needs someone's help even to hold a pen when writing due to her disability.

Dewmi's unrelenting effort and unwavering determination began to emerge even when she was a little girl. She had obtained 177 marks at the Grade five scholarship examination held in 2014.

Obviously, those who rely on tuition classes can learn many lessons from Dewmi because she had not gone to any tuition class. Currently many students enslave themselves to tuition classes at the expense of their health and money. But Dewmi, whose mother is a Sinhala language teacher has continued her studies under the teachers’ guidance. In addition, her unflinching determination is evident. She has given the first place to her goal without getting disheartened by obstacles.

"I had a goal in my life to obtain nine A passes. Finally, I achieved my goal. I have to say that I have never gone to a tuition class." Dewmi said. Speaking of her parents, her father, Mahinda Kulatunga Rajapaksa is a field officer at the Department of Forest Conservation. Mother, Kusumini Abeygunawardana is the Sinhala language teacher of the Saddharmaraja Maha Vidyalaya.

"My daughter had a target in her life. Her ambition was to become a software engineer by doing her A/L's in Maths stream", her mother said.

Not surprisingly, Dewmi's younger brothers also have passed the Grade sive Scholarship examination with flying colours. Dinuka Kulatunga Rajapaksa (13) is studying in Grade eight class at Mahinda Rajapaksa Vidyalaya Matara. Sithuka Kulatunga (11) is studying in Grade six at Saddharmaraja Maha Vidyalaya, Rathmale.

As mentioned by her mother, even though Dewmi had to spend many days in hospitals due to her disability, she was determined to achieve her goal. She had the opportunity to study Sinhala literature at school instead of Aesthetics due to her special needs.

Focusing on her courage, it is obvious the fact that Dewmi has shed a ray of light on every student to think again. You might agree with me on the point that Dewmi's cruel fate has sunk into obscurity like a firefly before the sun's rays.

Her unrelenting effort never died but defeated her own fate. If regarded from an international level, no doubt that Dewmi ' s inner strength is not second to Nick Vujicic 's inner strength. To be honest, rare personalities like Dewmi, Nick, Muniba and Tiphany had proven that only our negative attitudes make us disabled.