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Life sparked by electricity

29 August, 2021

Amidst many theories on how life formed in the universe, there was great uncertainty as to the beginning of life and there was no confirmation that any one of the theories was right.

There was no assurance either that the origin of life in the universe would ever be known during our lifetime.

However, it was a great pleasure to read the book titled ‘The Electric Field Theory of the Mind That Triggers Life’ by Shantha Athulathmudali, accountant turned scientific thinker, laying out a promising scientific theory on the mechanics of how life comes into being.

The book is published by the Intellect Publishing Company. His rationale is based on the simple argument that everything is made up of atoms which are packs of electricity and therefore, the beginning has to be with electricity.

In his explanation, he emphasises that it is not an instantaneous event but instead, a chain of events over a significant time that produces life, which I found to be extremely thought provoking.

He cleverly utilises water which is the scientifically known basic ingredient for formation of life by introducing a concept of a microscopic pack consisting of botanical materials surrounded by water molecules.

Having formed the pack, he argues, the electric field within, formed by ionised water molecules constantly react with external forces eventually resulting in a pack that becomes mobile due to a program developed within and registered on the internal material and the electric field which is later subject to further advancements due to the constant reactions among internal and external electric and magnetic field forces and the unit identified as life is formed.

The Electric Field Theory of the Mind That Triggers Life can, without hesitation, be stated as the best work so far on the formation of life and the mind, though not corroborated with research experiments but has a strong appeal to the intellect.

With a very interesting approach, the book explains the formation of the mind and explains exactly what the mind is and once again as the first ever theory that explains the mind so vividly perhaps precisely.

The experiment with eggs reported in the book in Chapter XI, the first report of its kind, most certainly will open up a new scientific dialogue regarding the cycle of life.

The author also attempts to give a rational analysis of the immergence of religions with the development of the human species and very interestingly assesses scientifically, with reference to evolution and pack electric field, the contribution of the religions towards the development of mankind.

The book, among many other interesting concepts, also explains the development of the concept of self within the human mind starting from the microscopic stage and how it leads to manmade catastrophe.

In the author’s preface, the author hopes, as I do, that the content of the book will lead to bringing peace and harmony among all communities wherever they exist.

The book is well written, fairly simple, comprehensive and easily readable.

Finally, ‘The Electric Field Theory of the Mind That Triggers Life’ is a book that one must read especially those with a curious mind.