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Twins unrivalled

14 May, 2021

In the pearl of the Indian Ocean there can be found the gems that brighten the whole country. No need to mention that the country’s future is determined by the next generation. Therefore, our responsibility as a country is none other than but paving the way for them to flourish. True that we have faced miracles in our lives but a miracle like this will be beyond our imaginations. Two twin couples in the same school- D.S. Senanayake College had excelled in the Commerce Stream at the G.C.E Advanced Level Examination held in 2020.

In an interview with the Sunday Observer, these twin winners named Uvein and Vevin Rajapaksha and Hirusha and Himasha Kodikara revealed the secrets behind their success.

Uvein and Vevin

Being the twins who were conceived in the same womb of a mother they had gained the reputation both for their parents and the Alma Mater- D.S. Senanayake College.

Uvein and Vevin hail from Boralesgamuwa. Being the elder son in the family Uvein Rajapaksha has become the brightest student in the school. By making their contribution into the sports and studies both of them could win everyone’s hearts in the school. Speaking of their achievements, Uvein had won the Silver medal in the Junior Nationals and Vevin Rajapaksha being the younger brother had won the Silver medal in the Varsity Rowing Tournament in Malaysia.

In addition the leadership they could hold was highlighted in the school. Vevin Rajapaksha was the Rowing Vice Captain and Squash Captain. Uvein Rajapaksha could bring the same intensity to the captaincy for the Rowing Team of the College. Surprisingly, the most significant fact is that both of them had shown the same dexterity in both academic activities and extra-curricular activities.

Hirusha and Himasha

Another pair of multi-talented twins are Hirusha Kodikara and Himasha Kodikara who have excelled in Commerce Stream subjects at the G.C.E Advanced Level Examination held in 2020. Both students hail from Thalahena in Malabe. Their father is Jayampathi Kodikara and mother is Deepika Dinali Kodikara.

It was the same school D.S. Senanayake College from which they received the education. The most significant fact is that these two students being twin brothers have achieved this success with the blessings of parents and teachers.

Moreover, both student have proven the fact that students can distinguish themselves in studies if they participate in sports. The main reason, as pointed out by Himasha who is the younger son in the family, is that participation in any sports can ensure the personal health and fitness.

Mother’s love and father’s inspiration

Robbing wings from a butterfly is an offence. However, not all but only a fistful of parents are proven to be robbing the wings from their children. Children are born with unique skills and talents. Unfortunately some parents who want their children to be the stars only in studies keep them away from sports.

Unknowingly the pressure put by some parents on children can diminish their inborn skills and talent. In this fast paced society, fortunately, Uvein and Vevin’s parents have set example for other parents. Undoubtedly the fuel for their every success was none but the mother’s love and the father’s inspiration. Uvein and Vevin’s father named Upali Rajapaksha being an Army Brigadier who leads a restless life amid the hustle and bustle of daily tasks could give the maximum to their beloved children.

Their mother’s unconditional love towards them can eclipse even the rays of the sun. Being a Psychological Consultant their mother Wasanthi Rajapaksha has dedicated her entire life towards the beloved children.

Surprised by mother

All we know is that a mother is the mine of love and abode of friendship. The friendship between mother and both children is the most prominent in every single moment. After the results were released it was their mother who had surprised both children Vevin and Uvein by informing the fact that they had got three A passes for all the subjects. As mentioned by Vevin, that moment was unimaginable in his life.

In addition, Hirusha and Himasha’s parents after having identified their children’s skills, have given the freedom to them to continue their studies while participating in extra-curricular activities. It is hard and nay impossible for them to achieve this success without their parents and teachers who had understood the children’s inner skills. Indeed it can be pointed out that such parents have set ideal examples for all the parents in Sri Lanka.

The efforts never die

No matter how much we fail or undergo hardships, the efforts we make to achieve our goals never die.

However, it is no doubt that both Uvein and Vevin had to face many challenges and difficulties in continuing studies and sports in parallel. However, obviously, another amazing fact is that both Uvein and Vevin could catch up on all the missed lessons in three months setting examples for anyone who can easily get left feeling lost and swamped with a mountain of missed lessons to be heartened and inspired.

When speaking of Hirusha and Himasha, In the face of Covid-19 global pandemic both of them had to make a great effort to gain the victory. It is evident that even though the entire country has been crippled by the Covid -19 pandemic, both Hirusha and Himasha without being disheartened had determined to gain the victory. Himasha said that the secret behind his victory was that they usually stick to the to-do list and contribute to sports as well.

Live a balanced life

The pillar for every success is the perfect balance in life. Whenever we lose the balance the defeat is inevitable. The message conveyed by Vevin Rajapaksha to all the students is that if anyone wants to lead a better balanced life, the involvement in any kind of sport is essential. As pointed out by him, sports can reduce the stress and create a better mental environment for continuing studies. As mentioned by Vevin, any child has a kindling interest in sports. The atmosphere created by the parents and teachers can determine the children’s lives to be negative or positive. Therefore, the children should be allowed by parents to participate in sports in order to gain an unparalleled success even in studies.

Future goals in life

The well-known fact is that we all have goals in life regardless of religions, nations and boundaries. Everyone wants to achieve something whether great or small. True that we all have deep-seated hopes and dreams for the future and a burning desire to accomplish them. Moreover, a life sans future goals seems to be a feather blowing in the wind without a specific direction.

Everything and everyone on earth have future goals. The goals of a rose is none other than but blooming on a tree. The goal of a butterfly is none other than but landing on the most beautiful rose in a jungle. That is nature. In like manner Vein revealed his future goal in his life. “All I want is participating in a national team in any kind of sport.” In addition, Hirusha said that the future goal in his life is gaining the proficiency in the field of information technology.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Indeed friends are expected to increase our happiness and diminish our misery. Hirusha and Himasha can be said to be fortunate enough to have friends such as Shakya and Yasara even from their school days. Remembering the beloved friends Himasha told Sunday Observer that they had helped him by all possible means. Finally he stressed the fact that without the parents and teachers he could not have been able to achieve this victory.

“Actually I’m really happy about the results. I could gain this victory thanks to my parents and teachers. I dedicate this victory to all those who taught me throughout my studies including the Principal of my College. Especially I would like to express my gratitude to my tuition teachers,” Himasha told Sunday Observer.

Teachers’ opinions

Commenting on the unrivalled victories gained by the four twins in the D.S. Senanayake College their Accounts teacher Soma Mallawaarachchi said, “Behind the victories gained by these students is the remarkable dedication of both children and their parents. Without that dedication it could have been impossible for them to achieve this victory. Finally I would like to appeal to all the parents to keep their children engrossed in both studies and sports within their sight. “

All in all, it is clear, the fact that the children with multi-talents are born on this meritorious land of Sri Lanka. The responsibility of those at the helm is giving more opportunities for them to go forward.