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Mobile service for land surveying

28 March, 2021

A new mobile service using modern technology will be launched throughout Sri Lanka to expedite and streamline land surveying, said Minister of Lands, S.M. Chandrasena.

He was responding to a suggestion made by the members of the Consultative Committee on Lands. The members said an effective program was needed as land surveying was not being carried out properly.

They said that mobile services should be set up throughout Sri Lanka soon for this purpose. Land Ministry officials who participated in the meeting said that this mobile service will be launched as a pilot project in Thirappane using the latest technology 

The members said Bim Saviya lands should be surveyed accurately and deeds should be issued soon. They said that the people living on these lands have problems even in getting a bank loan.

The members also suggested that deeds be issued for religious places such as temples which don’t have deeds. There are about 325 temples in the country without deeds and deeds should be issued expeditiously for those temples.