Mandy causes health complications- Health authorities | Sunday Observer

Mandy causes health complications- Health authorities

23 August, 2020

A leading Consultant Psychiatrist and former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health Dr Jayan Mendis has warned young persons tempted to experiment with new drugs now entering the country illegally in large quantities, to refrain from doing so as they could lead to dire health implications.

This week, Monday (17), it was reported by our sister paper the Daily News that 12 kgs of a new narcotic pill known as Mandy worth Rs 200 million had been found for the first time in a narcotics bust operation by the Dehiwela Police.

It was also reported that other expensive drugs too such as Ecstasy. Dizzle, Brownies, Molly, Beans were also being found at various entertainment hotspots in the country. “All these drugs contain 3,4 Methylene dioxymethaphetime . They are targeted towards young persons visiting night clubs and are very costly and additive,” Dr Mendis told the Sunday Observer.

He said they were being sold in different forms as powder, pills and gum and very recently in the form of inhalers. .

They are all pro active drugs, causing psychological and mental problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and physical side effects leading to tingling sensations, dilated pupils, raised body temperatures and faster heartbeat and nausea”, he warned.

He said, “Dancing for long periods in a hot atmosphere like a club also increases the chances of overheating and dehydration”. The best solution is to stay away from these new drugs which can only harm your body and result in unwanted health complications, he added.