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Lyceum dominate International schools athletics with 27 golds

16 February, 2020

Lycuem International School of Wattala continued their dominance on the second day of the International Schools athletic championship as they topped the medals tally at the Sugathadasa Stadium yesterday.

The school from Wattala won 27 golds, 18 silver and 20 bronze medals while Gateway College secured second place with 17 gold, 17 silver and 16 bronze. Lyceum Nugegoda was placed third with six gold, ten silver and 9 bronze medals.

Dulyana Suludagoda of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda reigned in the girls’ under-18 200m final, winning gold in 25.5sec while Dinara Bandara of Gateway College, Colombo won second place with a timing of 25.7seconds.

Chithara Wickramasinghe won the bronze with a 26.8.

Meanwhile, Pasindu Gunawardena and Binitha Chandrasena of Gateway College, Colombo, established new meet records in the U-18 200M (21.80Sec) and U-20 High Jump (2.01m) respectively.

Sandun Kumara of Lyceum International School, Wattala, also established a New Meet Record (15.44m) in the boys U-20 Triple Jump.


Shelinda Jansen (Gateway College) Girls’ U-20 200M – 24.83 sec

Imashi Weerakkody (Lyceum Wattala) Girls’ U-18 High Jump – 01.51M

Sadeepa Henderson (Gateway College) Girls’ U-18 Long Jump – 5.40M

Thuthimal Madugalle (CIS Kandy) Boys’ U- 18 Long Jump – 06.91M

Kamalraj Elroy (Lyceum Wattala) Boys’ U-20 Long Jump – 6.97M

Sandi Hettiarachchi (CIS Colombo) Boys’ U-12 High Jump – 1.65M

Maleeka Amith (Gateway) Girls’ U-18 800M – 02.38.14 min

Isali Malkethmi (OKI) Girls’ U-16 Shot Put (3.0Kg) – 09.89M

Nisini Samarasekara (Lyceum Nugegoda) Girls’ U-12 High Jump – 01.29M

Poornima Perera (Lyceum Wattala) Girls’ U-18 Shot Putt (3.0Kg) – 10.19M

Dulanjali Perumal (CIS Colombo) Girls’ U-12 Long Jump – 04.15M

Nelini Samarasekara (Lyceum Nugegoda) Girls’ U-12 60M – 08.96 sec

Sathyimoorthy Abhileshkar (Lyceum Wattala) Boys’ U-12 Long Jump – 04.67M

Sathyimoorthy Abhileshkar (Lyceum Wattala) Boys’ U-12 60M – 08.78 sec

Kavindu Mallawarachchi (OKI) Boys’ U-20 Discus Throw (1.75Kg) – 37.33M

Filzah Farouk (Gateway) Girls’ U-20 800M – 02.38.83 min

Thimesha Gamage (Lyceum Ratnapura) Boys’ U-16 800M – 02.18.67 min

Lahiru Krishan (Lyceum Wattala) Boys’ U-20 800M – 02.03.28 min

Dilu Perera (Lyceum Wattala) Girls’ U-20 Shot Put (4.0Kg) 09.05M

Dulyana Suludagoda (Lyceum Nugegoda) Girls’ U-16 200M 26.18 sec

Navin Perera (Lyceum Wattala) Boys’ U-18 200M – 22.66 sec

Kavindu Bandara (Lyceum Nugegoda) Boys’ U-20 200M – 22.08 sec

Lyceum Nugegoda Relay Team – Nethmi Ranasinghe, Nisini Samarasekara, Virada Gomis, Nelini Samarasekara Girls’ U-12 Relay (4X50M) – 30.28 sec