Finance chairman screams fraud, secretary claims own-goal kicked | Sunday Observer

Finance chairman screams fraud, secretary claims own-goal kicked

2 February, 2020

The Finance Committee chairman of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) R. Puventhran who is also the president of the City Football League, slammed the FFSL for not taking any action regarding the alleged financial fraud that the former account manager was aware of.

He also claimed that he cannot work in the financial committee due to interference by what he called “top officials of the FFSL.”

Puventhran made these remarks during a media conference held by the City Football League to announce the President’s Cup tournament. “If this issue is ignored it will only bring disaster to football in Sri Lanka. The current Committee is doing nothing to uplift the game. We made many sacrifices to elect this Committee at the last election,” said Puventhran.

When asked about these accusations the Secretary General of the FFSL UL Jaswer said that he strongly condemned the statement made by an EXCO member at the media briefing and it was like scoring an own-goal.

“That media briefing was an event connected to the League and it was not the right forum to discuss FFSL matters,” said Jaswer.

“The fraud took place before my stint began at the FFSL and legal action was taken and the case is going on. “Our friend is trying show that the FFSL is not doing anything. But the truth is, we are doing everything to develop, uplift and popularize the game to the next level,” added Jaswer.

“We are not sleeping here or trying to hide anything. I will assure football fans and the public that I as the Secretary will discuss this matter with the President of the FFSL and with all EXCO members soon and put out an updated official statement.” But having charged that Puventhran kicked an own-goal, Jaswar also claimed that the statements made by Puventhran were not correct.

“I am getting calls from many stakeholders asking what is happening. This is clearly a drama to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka football.

“This will badly affect our children, parents, sponsors, club owners, players and our national team. If you don’t act responsibly, this is what will happen to our beautiful game.

“This fraud is not a new incident. This took place between 2014 and 2017. This is an old case which is in court now. I don’t want to comment on a matter which has gone to court,” said Jaswar.