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Locals, foreigners vie for supremacy at Gympo 4X4 Off Road Challenge

8 September, 2019

Drivers and Co Drivers are all set to battle the Gympo 4X4 Off Road Challenge 2019’ today at the Sri Lanka Four Wheel Drive Club (FWDC) circuit which will be held for the ninth successive year at the Sri Lanka School of Military Engineering (SLSME), Tunkama, Embilipitiya.

The event is organized by the Sri Lanka School of Military Engineering (SLSME) and conducted by the Sri Lanka Motorcycle Racing Association and competitors at the Embilipitiya circuit will have to overcome all obstacles to show their supremacy in driving 4X4 vehicles.

For the first time the organizers introduced two wheelers alongside the main 4X4 track with less obstacles set for riders. The new introduction saw many leading riders in action on track of this nature which brought all thrills and spills to the thousands of racing fans who were present to

witness superlative driving and riding skills of locals and foreigners.

This year too all expect the same to happen on this track with the participation of leading competitors who will have to overcome the mud and dust besides dangerous corners and flooded sections.

During these events it is the co- driver who becomes the most important person to guide his driver and see him finish the course minus any mishaps as there are instances where the co-driver has to go in to these deep water holes and muddy areas to help his driver to get out of the situations.

Last year the Organizers introduced many events for riders too which attracted most of the leading riders in Sri Lanka and the most interesting feature was the participation of foreign 4X4 drivers including women competitors along with their co-drivers.

There were a few local female drivers too that took part, some of them with experience outside the country and are expected to put all of it to good use.

This year’s event too will have foreign drivers and riders in action and tough competition among locals to entertain the crowd and hopefully with the weather keeping fine all who make their way to Embilipitiya today will get the opportunity of witnessing the best of the ‘Gympo 4X4 Challenge’.

Lake House is the print media sponsor for the event.

Main events lined up are for Jeeps Over 3000cc 4X4, Jeeps Over 3000cc 4X4, Touring Class 4X4, Touring Class Standard 4X4, Touring Class Modified 4X4, JMX 50cc over five years up to 10 years, JMX 85cc nine years up to 12 years, JMX 85cc under 15 two races, JMX 65cc over nine years up to 12 years, Street Trail Bikes over 100cc up to 125 2/T, Street Trail Racing Bikes over 100cc 2/T up to175cc up to 250cc 4/T, Racing motor cycles over 100cc up to 125cc 2/T, Racing Motor Cycles including 125cc 2/T up to 250cc 4/T race 1, Racing motor cycles including 125cc 2/T up to 250cc 4/T.