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Unwanted in Sri Lanka, most wanted in China

21 July, 2019

A discovery made by a Sri Lankan on the model of a shoulder joint Gymnast Interact with the Long Swing Gymnastic element on Parallel bars has been recognized by the Wuhan Sports University in China and implemented in China for gymnastic athletes.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Observer, Dr. Suraj Chandana, the highest degree holder who has finished seven Masters, said that it was a proud moment that his Research was implemented in China after his own people turned their backs on him.

Chandana said these movements which start with the long swing under the parallel bars are highly difficult compared to other movements of parallel bars. There are a variety of evaluations and different types of body coordination especially under the parallel bars essential to utilize strain of the parallel bars for this aspect. Gymnasts use a special movement pattern for particular long swings to minimize execution errors.

Dr. Chandana is a former junior national champion in gymnastic and also has completed grade 1 and 2 level coaching courses in the Federation of International Gymnastics.

“I believe my sports background helped me to achieve such a milestone and I’m the only sportsman to have finished the seven Masters in Sri Lanka,” said Dr. Chandana.

“During my school days there was no gymnastic sport at St. Anthony’s College Wattala but I learnt the sport elsewhere and competed for my school at the National Junior Championship in 1991 and won the title and became the first runner-up in the senior championship in 1998.

“Due to higher studies, I did not continue in gymnastics up to the national level. When I was in China I took my daughter with me and I taught her gymnastics. At the age of 9, she won first place in the China National Junior Championship. Only Chinese citizens can compete in the championship and China Gymnastic Association gave the chance to compete as they never expected my daughter would win the title. However, they did not allow my daughter to compete in the championship the following year.

“When I returned to Sri Lanka I took to lecturing at the University of Sabragamuwa and now I am involved as the head coach in gymnastics in the Army.

“I am from a very poor family but due to dedication, I finished my education as well as in sports.

“The sad situation is that the Sri Lankan sports authorities did not recognize my work but it was implemented in China. China is the third-best county in gymnastic but my next aim is to groom my daughter to win an Olympic medal in gymnastics representing Sri Lanka,” concluded.