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Non-gymnasts in stunts to claim positions

16 June, 2019

Former Sri Lanka gymnastic champions have expressed their dismay over the acceptance of nominees by the election committee of the Sri Lanka Gymnastic Federation (SLGF) of candidates who have never participated in the sport at national or international level.

An official revealed to the Sunday Observer that the nominations of candidates for the Annual General Meeting closed on May 20 but due to the situation in the country they had extended it to May 27. It has been revealed that details of the candidates’ qualifications have not been disclosed.

The appointment of the election committee was made by the Ministry of Sports on the recommendations of the SLGF. However, the Ministry has appointed YK Kularatne who was an athletic coach at the Sports Ministry and not recommended by the SLGF.

The election committee comprises Lal Gunawardene (former vice president of SLGF), Champa Gunawardene (represent of Sri Lanka Schools) and Y.K. Kularatne (athletic coach, Ministry of Sports).

“I don’t know why the Ministry of Sports is taking the upper hand in this matter. Three other candidates, namely Kamal Perera, Aruna Prasad and Milroy Jayamanne, have never done gymnastics at national or international level,” said the official who did not want to be quoted.

According to the SLGF Constitution only candidates who hold certificates to prove they have indulged in the sport at national or international level can contest for major posts at the AGM. The laws stated by the Ministry of Sports is also the same.

Kamal Perera has participated in events conducted by the Forces while the other presidential candidate Aruna Prasad is reported to be supplying sports goods to the Ministry from his business establishment registered under the name of his spouse.

Milroy Jayamanne has submitted his nomination for the post of secretary stating that he is representing the Sri Lanka Schools. But it has been revealed that he has never held such a post and never done gymnastics at national level.

“This is in total violation of the Sports Law and there is no point in complaining to the Ministry of Sports because it is the deputy director general of sports in the Ministry who is in charge of investigations,” said one analyst.

“We will demonstrate our protest in front of the Ministry of Sports hopefully next week,” he said.