National Sports Festival starts on May 23 | Sunday Observer

National Sports Festival starts on May 23

19 May, 2019

Three disciplines connected with the National Sports Festival are scheduled to be worked off from May 23 to 26 in Anuradhapura. The three disciplines to be worked off during these days are cycling (men and women), marathon and race walking for men and women.

On the first day the men’s racing cycle will start off at 9.00 am while the women’s racing event is to take place at 3.00 p.m. Both events are to commence opposite Walisinghe Harischandra stadium and the rider after completing a distance of 120 kilo meters will finish at the same point. The women’s event too will commence from the same venue with riders covering 56 kilo meters.

The second day is for the standard cycle events for men and women and here too the riders are to cover the same route and finish at the same point. The men’s race is scheduled for 9.00 am while the women’s event is to start off at 3 pm.

The third day is set aside for race walking for men and women with both categories walking for a distance of 20 kilo meters.

The last day will see athletes competing in the men’s and women’s marathon which starts off from opposite the stadium to cover the full marathon distance 42.95 kilo meters. The winners of all these events will be awarded trophies on the final day of the events.

All provinces are represented with ten men’s and six women’s competitors from each Province making it a total of 90 men and 54 women.

The Overall Marathon championship was won by Western Province men while in the Race Walking it was North Central Province women who carried away the overall championship.