Badminton veterans take SLBA to Minister | Sunday Observer

Badminton veterans take SLBA to Minister

19 May, 2019

The Ceylon Masters Badminton Association (CMBA) has made a complaint to the Minister of Sports regarding the non-payment of dues to the Badminton World Federation (BWF) by the Sri Lanka Badminton Association (SLBA).

As such the BWF has now banned Sri Lanka from entering teams to participate in their events.

“We have made a complaint on the behavior of the president of SLBA Nishantha Jayasinghe,” a former official Clarence Homer told the Sunday Observer.

“He is trying to take revenge on us for not supporting him during the election and this will affect the entire set of badminton players in Sri Lanka who will not be able to play in international events,” added Homer.

The BWF had suspended the SLBA for non-payment of fines imposed for non-participation in their events even after sending their applications. The CMBA had appealed to the SLBA to settle these dues with WBF so that Sri Lanka will be able to send their players for international events in the future.

Currently the CMBA had submitted their applications two months ago to the SLBA who have not sent these entries online to the BWF.

On previous occasions these entry fees were allegedly not paid to the SLBA by players causing a dispute among them.

“As past national players and senior ranked players we are deprived of taking part in a Senior tournament held by BWF every two years due to little or no interest shown on the part of Nishantha Jayasinghe. We submitted our entry forms two months ago and the president of SLBA has not sent the entries. We feel that he is taking revenge on us,” claimed Homer.

“When a junior player did not take part in the trials he was penalized. The SLBA appears to be following just another corrupt-ridden system.”

“I suggest that a team of past players be appointed to the Committee so that a proper system can be followed by the SLBA.

I also like to have an open forum to discuss and improve the present system for the betterment of the game and junior players in general,” said Homer.