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ATM skimming - Bankers reassure the public

10 February, 2019

Payment Card Industry Association of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Banks’ Association (Guarantee) Ltd., in a media release have stated that Member Banks have received complaints from some customers that their savings/current accounts had been debited through fraudulent ATM withdrawals.

This was a result of some card data being compromised through ATM skimming activities, where cloned cards had been created to make fraudulent withdrawals. Member Banks have taken action to attend to the complaints and credit the accounts upon verification.

Banks have also proactively contacted customers whose cards had been used at identified ATM locations where the skimming had taken place.

“We wish to confirm that all member Banks took steps to bring the situation under control no sooner the compromised details were identified. All Banks are working collectively with the authorities to bring the fraudsters to justice.

“We also wish to inform the public that the ATM networks and the cards are safe for transacting. We call upon the public to inform their Banks immediately if any unauthorised/suspicious transaction are noticed on their account. The public is also advised to subscribe for the SMS transaction alert facility,” the release stated.