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Hockey officials branded babies

3 February, 2019
Chulanda Perera
Chulanda Perera

A high ranking sports ministry official has branded administrators of hockey in the country as “kindergarten kids” some of whom are good for nothing other than promote their private agendas by entering the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation which is now run by an Interim Committee.

He made the remarks in an interview with the Sunday Observer after meeting hockey officials and district representatives to thrash out matters on how an election of office-bearers to administer the game could be conducted.“Every sports body has kindergarten attitudes and all they do is fight one another and are greedy for positions,” said Chulananda Perera the secretary to the Ministry of Sports.“Most national sports associations in the country have officials who are there for personal benefits and they hypocritically say they are doing a voluntary job to serve the sport,” said Perera.

He said it was disgusting to note that the hockey officials he met from around the country had personal scores to settle and nothing for the welfare of the game they claim to take care and develop.

“At some point I told them that they are all immature kindergarten children,” said Perera.

Hockey is today under a government run Interim Committee pending the outcome of a court case the result of two factions squabbling to get in to run the sport’s administration.

Perera said he will be submitting a report to the Sports Minister on current developments in the hockey set-up after his meeting with officials and district associations.