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Madina Central buoyant

23 October, 2016

Madina Central College is another school from Kandy district and housed at Bambarella Road; Madawala. It is a mixed school where cricket is given top priority. Their big match is against Al Azhar College Akurana which is called the “Battle of The Double Maroons”; This is the only big match in the country played between two Muslim schools which was started in 2008. They met Azhar College every year in the Big match. But unfortunately this match is not played anymore due to fights between the spectators erupting.

The school has produced a winner , Siraj Sahab who became the Sunday Observer/ Mobitel school boy cricketer of the year in the silver division in 2014.

The seniors are hoping to lead by example motivating and inspiring the team to better their performance, The captain J. Inshaf has a big job to play He has a talented player in his side, M. Thareef who was in the last season Sri Lanka under 15 squad, who is sure to do well with the rest of the players like M. Fazal, I Munshif, M Rikaz , M Shafir, M. Nishad, M. Ameer, M. Dilshad, M. Akram, M. Zahran, M. Yazar, M. Munshif, M. Munzir, M. Sahl, M. Harith, M. Aadhi , Fairoos Deen, M. Musthafa, M. Rishad, M. Inshaf, M. Mahdi, M Feroz , M. Hifny who are vying for places.