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Wild Elephant for youth

16 October, 2016

The newly re-launched Wild Elephant is all about youth, their attitude, their interests and their goals. In fact, Wild Elephant currently promotes a number of activities specifically geared for young people in Sri Lanka, helping them discover the guts and confidence they need to succeed in all things.

This is also the main reason why Wild Elephant has signed up as the Energizing Partner for Hellibees Racing, which for the most part is made up of the young, rising stars in Sri Lanka’s motor racing arena. Comprising youthful riders and drivers, Hellibees Racing has gone from strength to strength in a relatively short span of time, achieving increasingly greater success in the local racing field.

Its new partnership with Hellibees Racing will also enable Wild Elephant to take an early, leadership role in both developing the skills of local riders and drivers, as well as attracting and engaging young talent in the field, which are both passions that Wild Elephant shares with members of the Hellibees Racing team.

In fact, Wild Elephant’s new partnership with Hellibees Racing is not the first time that the brand has been represented in the local racing field. Wild Elephant and the Elephant House beverage range has, for many years, sponsored well-known racing events in Sri Lanka including the Gunner Super Cross, the recently concluded Walawe Super Cross in 2016 and the Commando Challenge.

Said Hellibees Racing founder Murad Ismail, “We began our fairytale journey on the May 17, 2015, with 2 bikes, 2 events and 2 wins.