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The judgment

12 June, 2022

Now that I had committed the crime, I was imprisoned for six long months by the courts. I was helpless. My tears gushed out as if it had been raining that day.

I cried and cried. I was not worried over me for I deserved the punishment for I had done something wrong, but I was highly worried over my only son.

“Have you got anything to say over the judgment?”, the Judge asked me while he was looking at me through his pair of spectacles.

“Now that I’ve committed something wrong, what more can I say, My Lord? I’m worried over my son. Alas! Poor boy,” I said overcome with despair.

“Where’s he?”, the Judge asked me. I could not give him a valid answer. I looked down with my tear-filled eyes.

After the proceedings of the courts were over, the Judge left the bench along with his staff. I was taken back to the cell by three policemen. I had to share the cell all alone. It was a big task. I was so worried that I could not stop thinking about my son whose whereabouts were unknown.

I was taken back to the past when I used to play games with him day and night. I remembered the moments I had with him. I could not tolerate it anymore.

It was the Judge who tore us apart. I got the notion of killing him. He was the most hated person ever on earth. Since that day, I had been planning to kill him. It had been my only intention. I could not sleep till I killed him.

One day on a rainy night, I got out of my cell with the aid of a tiny knife. I ran towards the Judge’s bungalow which was right in front of the City Restaurant.

Now that a policeman was right in front of the gate, I jumped over the wall and strolled towards the door which was open in dim light. I looked for him. While he was relaxing on his arm-chair, I reached him. I took the tiny knife out of my pocket.

I came close to him and held him by his collar. He was so scared that he shouted for help. He recognized me easily. My eyes were reddish. I could not control my emotions. I was about to stab him.

All of a sudden, a boy came towards the judge.

He was my son. I was surprised to see him there. My son did not expect me there either. He rushed to me and hugged me while the Judge was looking at us. I could not control my tears.

I walked towards the Judge. I knelt down and asked for his forgiveness. He could understand my situation. He patted my shoulders.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of him. Don’t make him a big issue. Five months remaining. When you come back, I’ll hand over the boy safely”, he said fatherly.

Of course, it was never expected. I was speechless. I walked along the pavement where it was raining cats and dogs. I could breathe better than before. My burden was over. [email protected]