Shanghai residents ‘run out of food’ in Covid lockdown | Sunday Observer

Shanghai residents ‘run out of food’ in Covid lockdown

10 April, 2022

Some residents under lockdown in Shanghai say they are running out of food, amid the city’s biggest-ever Covid outbreak.

Residents are confined to their homes, banned from leaving for even essential reasons such as grocery shopping. Nearly 20,000 cases were reported on Thursday in China’s biggest city - another near-record high. Officials have admitted the city is facing “difficulties” but say they are trying to improve this.

But public anger is also being stoked by other drastic measures - such as the removal of children from their parents if they test positive. Shanghai officials later responded by allowing parents who were also infected to accompany their children to isolation centres.

However, according to a news report, there are still complaints over children separated from parents who were not Covid-positive. The city began another round of mandatory mass testing on Wednesday to identify and isolate every case. Shanghai residents who test positive can’t isolate in their homes even if their conditions are mild or asymptomatic.

They have to go to mandatory quarantine facilities, which critics say have become crowded and have sub-par conditions. (BBC)