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2 July, 2023

AAA Western Province B/​G parents seek an educated,​pretty daughter for only son,​a doctor,​94 born,​5’6” tall,​NS,​TT. Shani Mangala horoscope (Kuja,​Sikuru,​Shani in 8) email : m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​3​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

About our only son 1989 January fair and handsome graduate in Marketing and employed. We are GB living in USA dual citizens. Pleased to hear about a daughter educated and smart from a simple respectable family. Please email family details with horoscope. k​u​m​i​n​t​o​2​0​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

About our son: B/​G/​K respectable family (Colombo suburb) seeks a caring,​pretty,​academically and professionally qualified daughter from a respectable family for their Engineer son born in August 1983,​5’7”,​young looking,​handsome,​well-mannered,​qualified with BSc Engineering (Moratuwa),​MSc (UK),​currently working as a Telecommunication Engineer in Europe. Please reply with family details and horoscope. m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​r​1​9​8​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically and professionally qualified daughter is sought by B/​G retired parents for their youngest son,​1994 born,​5’8” in height. He is handsome,​well mannered,​non smoking and a teetotaller with an excellent character. He educated in a leading school in Colombo and graduated from a well reputed university in Japan. A Japanese citizen,​presently working in a multinational company. Please reply to : m​a​z​z​r​e​c​2​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​with horoscope and family details.

Academically qualified,​beautiful,​accomplished daughter is sought by Colombo based respectable parents for their only son Buddhist,​aged 34,​6’,​fair,​handsome and well-built. He has done his MBA (UK) and is a FCIM (UK) member. He is a Company Director and inherits substantial assets. Email details to: n​o​e​l​w​i​c​k​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically/​professionally qualified in Accounting or Finance,​kind and well-mannered daughter below 27 years not taller than 5’4” is sought by Sinhala Catholic/​Buddhist Govi parents for their 27 year old,​5’4” dual national son in a prominent European country,​(BA in Accounting and Finance,​UK,​MSc in International Accounting and Finance,​UK). Currently an Accountant in a European Trans National Company. Inherits assets in Europe. Religion and caste immaterial. Please reply with family details to p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​x​1​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

A daughter sought by B/​G parents for their son (1990),​5.6ft. Holding MBA,​BBA,​CIM studied at leading college and working in a reputed company with well off salary. - Email - m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​1​6​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A Govi,​Buddhist son,​Civil Engineer,​born April 1993,​handsome,​very fair,​5’ 7” tall,​lives in Battaramulla with substantial assets. Seeks a fair,​slim partner fluent in English. Horoscope,​Religion immaterial. (If concerned,​birth time is 11:45am and Kuja 2) 0112867463,​w​e​d​.​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​9​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

A loving daughter sought for our only son (age 29,​6’1”). We are a Bodu/​Govi family,​son is a Doctor and Scientist in Canada. NS/​TT,​raised with Sri Lankan values,​fluent in Sinhala,​kind and religious. (p​e​a​r​l​.​i​l​l​@​o​u​t​l​o​o​k​.​c​o​m​)

A middle class Bodu Govi parents from Colombo District seek an educated pretty daughter age below 34 upholds Sri Lanka culture with decent manners for son divorced no encumbrances only child age 38 height 6’ smart looking,​non-smoker,​mid-complexion well-employed as IT Engineer in a leading Middle Eastern bank Qatar entitled for family accommodation looking for a marriage partner to reside in Doha after the marriage. Owns house & car in Sri Lanka,​differences immaterial. Please send full details with contact numbers horoscope. Email: r​a​v​i​n​.​a​b​1​0​2​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

A qualified educated professional Senior Manager Bodu Govi well employed international company divorced (plaintiff) free of encumbrances,​5’8”,​NS/​TT smart looking caring qualities seeks a good looking educated honest marriage partner age below 51 race caste religious differences respected respond with full family and contact details email : m​a​l​i​t​h​a​8​6​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Buddhist Dewa parents seek educated,​kind hearted,​caring daughter from respectable family for their son,​30 yrs. 5’11”,​religious,​very reserved son,​Dental Surgeon attached to Dental Faculty. Caste immaterial,​son has separated from unsuccessful marriage (innocent party) after short period. No encumbrances. Write with family details & horoscope to : m​g​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Buddhist Kandyan Govigama professional parents seek a very pretty daughter for 27 year,​very handsome,​down-to-earth,​caring 5’10” tall,​educated in Kandy Structural Engineer son in Australia for marriage. Please respond with details to : f​a​n​t​a​s​t​i​c​.​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Buddhist parents are looking for a slim,​divorced lady for their son,​age 33,​5’9” ft. He got divorced without encumbrances. Also BSc & MSc holder,​top ranking manager at a Japanese company drawing a six figure salary,​inherits assets. Parents are teachers. Sister is living in UK. Migration considered. Caste,​age immaterial. a​m​i​l​a​1​2​3​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​0716398497 /​0812497433.

B/​G parents from a suburb of Colombo are looking for a lovely,​intelligent daughter under the age of 34 to replace their attractive,​5’7” tall,​amiable younger son,​born in 1989. A prestigious private hospital employs him as a Head of department surgical theater in medical administration,​kindly respond to : p​d​m​s​m​r​s​n​g​h​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​with your horoscope and other pertinent information.

B/​G professional parents in Canada seek an educated daughter,​willing to re-locate,​for their son born in 1991 (Canada),​5’8”. He graduated from a prestigious University in Canada with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Civil Engineering and currently practicing as a professional Consulting Engineer. He has assets in Canada /​Sri Lanka. If interested,​please reply with family details to: a​r​o​s​h​a​1​0​0​0​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

B/​G respectable parents seek educated,​well mannered,​pretty daughter for their professionally qualified son,​NS/​TT,​born in 1979 December,​5 feet 6 inches,​studied in a leading school in Colombo,​employed as a senior manager in a reputed organization in Colombo,​draws a six figure salary. Owns a house and a vehicle Reply with family details and horoscope to m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​5​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo Bodu business parents seek (educated or business parents’ daughter) from a respectable family for only son 1996,​5’8” Colombo school educated N/​S T/​T BSc (Mgt) Graduate Director in family company. (Kandy,​Kurunegala District also considered). m​a​c​n​a​l​i​n​i​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo Buddhist 30 years old 5’3” kind well-mannered and open minded son,​currently working as a Doctor at a government hospital (foreign graduate). He finished his primary education in the Middle-east. Catholic mother looking for a well-educated pretty slim partner with good values (Someone that is not from the same profession). They need to understand each other and have similar family backgrounds. Please send family details. m​h​f​p​r​o​2​0​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo 61 year 5’7” fair wife passed away owns two storied house car businessman. Tel. 0777255514,​2810443.

Colombo,​Buddhist,​Govi respectable parents seek a beautiful and educated daughter born after 1995 from a respectable family for their only son,​28 years (12/​1993),​5’9”,​handsome,​Colombo Royalist,​Business Management Graduate,​working as an Executive in a government institution,​inherits properties and assets exceeding a large amount,​father holding a higher position in the Government service and mother graduate teacher. Please send full family details and contact numbers to : p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​9​3​1​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Educated daughter is sought for close to Colombo Bodu - Govi son born in 1996,​height 5’10” received basic education at Ananda College - Colombo and pursued his further education at Sussex in England,​and obtained BSc (Honours) in Accounting and Finance and Master of Business from Monash University in Australia. He owns a reputed business venture and vehicles. s​w​a​r​n​a​p​a​l​a​6​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo District seek a daughter for our eldest son. He is 33 years (1989)(teetotaller,​non-smoker) of age highly educated (Colombo School) with business income and other fixed income. They are looking for a daughter who is not job oriented. Daughters who are Teacher,​doing online work (work from home) or entrepreneurs are welcome. (p​r​o​p​2​0​2​3​n​e​w​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​)

I am 49 years old Roman Catholic from Kandy worked as a Hotelier abroad and now working for a private company,​divorced. I am looking for someone in same situation divorced or a widow who may have a place and financially established. I am a loving and caring person. If interested please reply. My email is : t​y​r​o​n​n​e​l​a​u​g​h​l​i​n​1​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

I’m 49 years old,​never married,​B/​G,​in the field of tourism,​no brothers and sisters,​living with my father (retired Teacher),​mother passed away and I am from a middle class family,​looking for someone down to earth,​humorous,​and who loves nature and animals. Open to any options. Contact email : r​u​k​s​h​a​n​n​n​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Malay parents Gampaha seek religious kind partner for son 47,​5’5” foot divorced with three grown-up children working in the Architectural field prepared for early and simple Nikah. 0112290583 /​0774110887.

Parents are looking for a well-behaved educated fair and good looking daughter doing an Executive job for their only son born in 1990 July 6 ft tall handsome. Currently working as an Electrical Engineer. If interested reply to: “e​m​d​.​h​e​m​a​m​a​l​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​“ with sufficient details.

Parents Sinhala Roman Catholic seek a suitable girl for their son who is a graduate,​working as a senior graphic designer in the UK. Prefer if the girl is already in UK. 5’4’’height and born in July 1985. Please reply to s​h​a​a​n​o​@​a​o​l​.​c​o​m​

Professionally Qualified,​well mannered,​slim,​attractive Christian girl from respectable family wanted for son born in 1976 in Australia. Height 5ft 9 inches. Son works as a Physiotherapist (Qualification from University of Melbourne) and resides in Melbourne. Has dual citizenship with Sri Lanka. Is a born again Pentecostal Christian seeking a lady of similar faith. Sober habits. Son owns own home and assets. Never been married or has any children. Lady must be willing to move and live in Australia. Please email: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​.​3​0​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Respectable Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo District seek an educated,​loving and kind-hearted daughter for our eldest son. He is an Engineer by profession,​33 years of age (1989/​7) and 6’ in height. He studied at a leading school in Colombo and completed his BSc.,​MSc. and MBA in Local Private Universities. After working at a leading company in Sri Lanka he is now engaged in business. Non-smoker,​teetotaller. We are looking for a family oriented daughter. (p​r​o​p​2​0​2​2​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​)

Sought by Sinhala B/​G parents living in Rambukkana (Kegalle) for their son,​5’9”,​December 1991,​academically,​professionally qualified with BSc (USJP),​CA and employed in prestigious international practicing firm and holding Managerial position. Seek a well matching,​pretty and caring daughter with good family backgrounds. Reply with horoscope. Email: d​b​.​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​2​0​2​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​Tel: 0714572006/​0352052732

Well connected Buddhist professional parents from Colombo seek a suitable educated,​caring partner with good character for their good looking son,​91 born,​5’7”,​NS/​TT studied at a leading school in Colombo and multi disciplinary qualified including CIMA and two BSc (Hon) degrees in IT and Management /​Finance,​holding a senior position in a European company in Colombo. He inherits valuable assets. Please respond with family details and horoscope to : m​p​r​o​p​7​1​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​Contact 011 2503036

Well established professional 48 young looking,​divorced invites an independent lady for marriage,​write yourself,​with children welcome. c​h​a​m​a​r​a​m​i​t​h​i​1​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​