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Trouble with the cornish pixies

26 March, 2023

















Have you ever wondered what life in a magical school with mischievous pixies would be like? William Lorraine was a boy who studied at Tabclarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A defence class

One day, William twisted in mid air, kicked his opponent in the ribs and swatted the other’s katana even before he landed. “Wow! Great move William” chorused Prof. Kabuki, the Sword Master and William’s best friend Darrel. “One at a time!” William laughed, wiping sweat off his brow.

It was the defence class for the Flameclaws. “Darrel and Senald” shouted Prof. Kabuki. It was more like a bark. William stepped aside and watched the other two practising on the stage. It was William’s third year at Tabclarts.

A sudden letter

Three years ago, William had been a normal boy, as normal as you and I. Everything would have remained the same if it had not been for a sudden letter from Tabclarts which stated that William had a part in the magical world. After he entered Tabclarts, he found that there was more to learn in magic than waving a wand and saying a few funny words.

Cornish pixies

William excused himself from Prof. Kabuki to drink some water. On the way to get his bag, he had to dodge three cornish pixies. Now, if you ever wanted to see a pixie, the best place to find them is at Tabclarts. The cornish pixies have blue skins and are mischievous. They are always looking forward to creating trouble and also, nothing pleases them more than to pull the hair of a child or play with the beard of the Head Master, Prof. Mackworth.

Sebastian, the sweeper of the fourth floor, always had to buy new brooms and dustpans. The reason was that ‘the pixies kept carrying them off!

The next class was Wizardry. The teacher was the Head Master himself.“

An invisibility charm

“Hold the wand between the middle finger and index finger and rest the end on the thumb when performing the Invisibility Charm,” Prof. Mackworth shouted while demonstrating how to hold the wand. “And also be sure to pronounce the words correctly. Or you’ll end up getting a bull or something on your head.”

The Prof. tapped William’s table and said “Dealarol!” and hey presto! The table was nowhere to been seen. The students gave a gasp of astonishment. The Head Master tapped the table again and it appeared straight out of thin air.

There was a bang on the door. “Come in!” Prof. Mackworth said. A furious looking Sebastian entered and banged the door shut. “If you will excuse me sir. You’ve got to do something about the CPs. (He meant the cornish pixies) They’ve carried off my broom again. Eighth time this week”. Chaos at the same moment, the door burst open and out poured two buckets of pixies.

The whole class was in chaos. Two pixies caught Prof. Mackworth’s beard and started pulling it. Two more got hold of his ears and lifted him clean off the ground. “Ouch! My beard! Leave me alone you blue barnacles! You imbeciles! I said leave me alone!”

Sebastian and the students had no better luck. But everyone giggled when they heard the Headmaster roaring at the pixies. One caught William by the leg and hung him on the chandelier. Desks and chairs flew left and right and so did the books.

As a heavy book hit Darrel on the head, one of the pixies brought a pail if water and dumped it straight away onto his head. One unhooked William from the chandelier and dropped him carelessly and at once a shower of books fell on him. As the stars ceased to explode, Darrel, Senald, Sebastian and Prof. Mackworth all fell on him, making it worse. Another pail of ice cold water was dumped on them.

By now, the others had fought their way out and the ones inside didn’t care to be torn to bits. Thus, they all squeezed out and shut the door, leaving the pixies to rampage in the class. Wizardry was the last class of the day, so the students packed inside the washing room, for most of them were in rags. William opened one cubicle, and let out a gasp. Inside the cubicle were twenty-four cornish pixies!


Gangul Kalana

Grade 7-B

Hill Country International School