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‘Buru Muna’ arrested in Avissawella

18 March, 2023

Underworld criminal Ravindu Varna Rangana alias ‘Buru Muna’ who escaped from the custody of the Katunayake Airport Police, has been arrested in Avissawella, a senior Police officer said. On information received by the Avissawella Police that the suspect was travelling in a car, a Police team had stopped the car. The suspect who was in the car had tried to flee but the Police managed to apprehend him.

It has been revealed that the suspect was driving a car belonging to an Attorney at Law. Police said that the information they received was that the suspect was planning to surrender to Court.

Western Province Crime Investigation Division, after having received information that the suspect is trying to travel abroad under the name of Kalumini Ravindu Sankha de Silva, had obtained an order from the Avissawella Court banning him from going abroad.

A senior Police officer said that Buru Muna is accused of shooting and killing a restaurant owner at Hanwella on December 18 and was identified as the shooter in many other murders.

Investigators had obtained a Court order barring him from overseas travel after they received intelligence reports that the suspect was planning to leave the country.

However, the immigration officials detained him when he arrived at the airport and handed him over to the airport police on February 24. Two Buddhist monks had come and are alleged to have helped the suspect escape.