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China hands over completed project to Sri Lanka:

Colombo Lotus Tower sees the light of day

11 September, 2022

The 350- metre tall Colombo Lotus Tower (Nelum Kuluna) will open to the public from September 15, Colombo Lotus Tower (Pvt.) Ltd. Head of Management, Lotus Tower CAO, Major General Prasad (Rtd.) Samarasinghe told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

The landmark skyscraper, mired in controversy and criticised for being a “burden and waste” of funds by some politicians, is now set to open for businesses in the metropolis.

This structure is expected to symbolise Sri Lanka’s tourism development, infrastructure development of information and communication technologies, and implementation of national-level technology investment.

Its primary sources of revenue will be tourism and transmission antenna leasing.

In brief, it will be a window for economic development.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) signed the Colombo Lotus Tower Project on January 3, 2012 with China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation (CEIEC) and Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co. Ltd (ALIT) on January 3, 2012. China EXIM bank provided a US$ 88.6 million buyer’s credit loan for constructing the Tower. TRCSL provided the rest. The project cost the Government US$ 104.3 million. Sri Lankan architects had drawn its concept and preliminary design.

South Asia

The Lotus Tower construction began, on January 20, 2012, with the then Economic

Development Minister, Basil Rajapaksa, laying the foundation stone for its construction.

For nearly a decade, the Lotus Tower project faced numerous financial challenges. The Lotus Tower is the 11th tallest multifunctional building in South Asia and the 19th in the world.

It boasts modern telecommunication facilities, entertainment similar to that of wealthy countries, and enterprises and offers investment opportunities. Chinese conglomerate completed the project spending nearly 113 million US dollars. It handed the completed project to Sri Lanka in February.

From September 15, you will enter the Lotus Tower, which is ready to furnish you with many levels of manifold novelty experiences. Among the attractions offered at the Lotus Tower are skydiving and bungee jumping.

The Nelum Kuluna complex encompasses over 10.5 acres of land. According to “Colombo Lotus Tower Private Company,” 80 percent of local and 20 percent of foreign investors have offered investments in the Lotus Tower. Twenty-two investors are in line in signing agreements. The company has received orders for 15 festivals until December this year. It is confident in its prospective future.

The Lotus Tower management has arranged to open various banks, restaurants, service facilities, and multiple event halls on the top floor of the Tower.

Plans are afoot to replace the entrance tickets with a QR code.

It had requested Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to establish operations at the Tower. Visitors who come for services will have their entrance ticket fees refunded at service delivery points.

A visitor passes through many interesting places to get directly under the Colombo sky from the top of the Lotus Tower.

You’ll be in an observation room that will give you the impression that you’re floating above the Colombo sky.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission offices are on the first and second floors.

Digital art gallery

A 9D cinema offering a cutting-edge technological experience, a digital art gallery, a banking system, and a restaurant will all be located on the first floor.

Its surface area is 1760 square metres. The lotus tower is made up of four parts: the base, stem, tower house, and antennae. The Tower Base has more than nine floors and is situated between 215 and 260 metres above sea level. The base petals glow with a variety of hues that draw attention to the lotus bud’s shape.

A visitor can see a variety of performances and events at the tower base.

It has a 54 000 square foot area.

The rooftop tower, which is 54,000 square feet in size, is where the various important events and entertainment take place.

The second floor is where you’ll find the VIP entrance.

It houses a big shopping complex on a 51,000 square feet area. The entrance lobby, with many shopping malls, is on the 52,000 square feet ground floor. The basement consists of banquet halls, and some novelty revolving restaurants will be found there.

The Tower Stem is between the Tower House and the Tower Base. Here is where the visitors will see passenger lifts designed to carry passengers up and down a vertical lift shaft. .

The Tower House is a prominent feature of the Lotus Tower.

Tourists could prefer to spend their leisure time at the Tower House, which offers a variety of adventure sports and other recreational activities.

It’s a place to have a good time.

An observation platform is located on the seventh floor of the tower house. A visitor will be treated to a panoramic view of the city from a height of 280 metres.

The place is full of revolving restaurants. Visitors can unwind here after touring the Lotus Tower.

This location provides a variety of services, including guesthouses with spectacular views of the city. In the Lotus suite, guests can eat, drink, and relax.

Elegant banquet halls

The Lotus Tower features Colombo’s most talked-about revolving restaurant.

This restaurant serves special traditional Sri Lankan cuisine besides other gourmet meals. There are also the most elegant banquet halls.

In addition, modern transmission centres dedicated to various telecommunications companies can be found.

“The Antenna” serves as the primary communications hub.