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Ritzbury Mawbimata Weerayek moulds Sri Lankan athletes

14 August, 2022

Ritzbury Mawbimata Weerayek facilitates Sri Lankan athletes to showcase their talent at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The initiative launched three years ago to power the Olympic dream of Sri Lankan athletes has reached another milestone.

This is evident as five out of six members of the contingent representing Sri Lanka at the 2022 Commonwealth Games are beneficiaries of this initiative.

The Commonwealth Games beomg held in Birmingham, England concludes on August 8.

Kalinga Kumarage (400m), Sumedha Ranasinghe (javelin throw), G.T.A. Abeyratne (1500, 800 and 5000m), Nilani Ratnayake (3000m steeplechase) and Sarangi De Silva (long jump) have been among many other recipients of the Ritzbury support provided under the Ritzbury ‘Mawbimata Weerayek’ Initiative.

During the past three years, 54 national level athletes recommended by the Sri Lanka Athletic Federation have been provided with support under this initiative to develop their capacities to compete at any level. This initiative also extends its care and assistance to coaches of the athletes selected. Ritzbury has made a financial contribution of over Rs. 20 mn towards this initiative.

Ritzbury has been in the forefront of supporting sports through its sponsorships.

The brand has become synonymous with success in the Sri Lankan sports arena, elevating the profiles of national sports stars while providing them the resources and financial support to excel at home and abroad. Key among these initiatives in track and field events has been Ritzbury’s longstanding support of the Ritzbury Sir John Tarbat School Athletics Championship, the all-important stage where the next generation of national athletes are identified.

Ritzbury as a local brand with strong grassroots connections understands that fostering sporting talent begins in an athlete’s formative years.