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Feast of Our Lady of Purification on February 3

27 January, 2019
Church of Our Lady of Purification, Nayakakanda.
Church of Our Lady of Purification, Nayakakanda.

The 157th annual feast of the Church of Our Lady of Purification, at Nayakakanda, Hendala, will be celebrated on Sunday February 3.

According to early writings and folklore, the name Nayakakanda came about as it was on a hill and the words Nagaskande and Nagakanda had connections with the origin of Nayakakanda.

Between 1860-1861, the Episcopal Vicar of the Archdiocese Rev. Fr. Mathew Kaitan purchased two plots of land in Nayakakanda and built a cadjan hut which was used as a ‘Dham Pasala’ (Catechism School). Eventually, this was converted into a church dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Purification’, which led the faithful to offer their children to God through the intercession of the ‘Blessed Mother’.

Following a fire which destroyed the cadjan hut, a more permanent structure came into being under the leadership of Rev Fr. Dominic Pulicarno, Parish Priest of Wattala.

Rev.Fr. Carto Maria Cardano O.S.B completed the construction of the building. Fr. Cardano passed away in November 1925 and was buried at the Church compound.

In keeping with former times, the hoisting of the flag staff took place on Thursday, January 24, to herald the beginning of the feast this year, which brings together the kith and kin, friends and colleagues from all parts of the motherland and even from across the seas who have roots and fond memories of filial devotion and love for the Blessed Mother.

Novenas in preparation for the feast began on Friday, January 25. Vespers will be on Saturday February 2 and the Festive High Mass on February 3 at 8.30 a.m.

Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Ranjan Silva extends an invitation to all parishioners and others to come and be part of the celebration to honour and renew our love and devotion to the Mother of God and our Mother.