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The sad fate of Veheradiulana

12 August, 2018
An ancient archaeological site, Veheradiulana close to Zone III in the Yala National Park has been left to the mercy of treasure hunters, the relevant authorities not paying any heed.

Text and Pix by Mahil Wijesinghe 

NEGLECTED MONUMENTS: The historically important archaeological site of the Veheradiulana ancient monastic complex is located upon a rocky ridge above the crust of Yala’s north-east edge. You can get to Veheradiulana from Kumbukkan Oya, which takes you past Kebilitta, on the verge of the virgin forest. It is 30 kilometres from the south of the Kotiyagala village in the drought-affected Moneragala district. We took this route to reach the site. The archaeological remains of three dagobas, caves with drip-ledges, rock pillars and ruins of several other ancient structures have been ravaged by treasure hunters. Archaeologists believe, the banks of Kumbukkan Oya, in the Yala Sanctuary had been a densely populated area in the past. According to tradition, the Wattarama ancient Buddhist hermitage in Kotiyagala, Thalaguruvehera in Zone III of the Yala National Park and Veheradiulana had been the abodes of thousands of meditative Bhikkus in ancient times. However, no one has yet carried out any excavations to establish its history.