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Who are Khiljis in Padmaavat?

29 April, 2018
Padmavati - Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
Padmavati - Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone

Padmaavat, the Hindi movie that is screened in many cinemas has evinced great interest among film fans about the Khiljis and their leader Allauddin who invaded Chittor to capture its beautiful Queen Padmavati aka Padmini.

Khiljis were from Afghanistan, but in reality they were not Afghans as they were believed to be. They were Turks who had been settled for a long time in the region of Afghanistan known as “Khilji.” The area was lying on the side of Helmand and had adopted Afghan manners and customs.

Allauddin came to power in Delhi after killing his uncle Jalaluddin, the Sultan of Delhi in 1296 AD.

The severed head of Jalaluddin was dripping blood when the royal canopy was raised over the head of Allauddin who was proclaimed King or Sultan. The murder of Jalaluddin by his nephew and son-in-law Allauddin was a treacherous act.

Allauddin was married to his uncle’s daughter, but he had an unhappy relationship with his wife. This was one of the reasons for the killing of Jalaluddin. Eventually, Allauddin was appointed as the Governor of Kara by his uncle who was his King, and he undertook an expedition to the kingdom of Devagiri without the permission of the ruler. He ransacked the kingdom and forced its princess to become his wife. When the king heard about it he became furious. He refused to accept the looted treasure from Devagiri.

Allauddin sent a message to his uncle apologizing for his expedition without the King’s permission. He also promised to return all the treasure looted by him to Devagiri. He threatened to commit suicide unless the King visited Kara and pardoned him.

The King was lured by the affection and loyalty of Allauddin and the stock of gold looted from Devagiri. He went to Kara but Allauddin killed him and became the new King. Delhi was really conquered at Devagiri and the killing of the ruler paved the way for Allauddin to ascend the throne.

The episode of Padmini has received a great deal of prominence in connection with Allauddin’s conquest of Chittor. The Bardic chronicles and the poem Padmavat of Rajasthan represent the invasion of Chittor as solely due to the Sultan’s desire to possess Padmini, the beautiful queen of Chittor. The story woven round the series of events is packed with romance, heroism and treachery.

Allauddin died in 1316 AD and Chittor was recaptured by the Rajputs and the kingdom became independent once again. The film Padmaavat is all about the valour of Rajputs and their queen Padmini aka Padmavati.