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Achala Gunawardane : Landscapes her forte

4 December, 2016

Artist Renuka Dias has been interested in painting since childhood. She says she tries to make an impression on the minds of viewers through her paintings. Renuka says, “I have certain ideas for my paintings, but in reality it takes a different perspective”. She likes to paint figures as well as natural scenes, and her main medium is oil on canvas because it does not dry immediately and allows her to experiment with her technique. She uses strong brush strokes to paint vivid pictures of rural life as well as modern city life.

Renuka is the recipient of the prestigious Kalapathi award. She participates in the art exhibitions organised by the George Keyt Foundation. She works as an art teacher at the Renuka Dias Art Academy which she founded, and she also teaches art at Royal International School, Dematagoda. Renuka is grateful to her husband and family for supporting her endeavours.

(Pictures provided by the artist)